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Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Your safety is our primary concern here at Kenrick Motors. That is why we offer all makes and types of tyres at a competitive price. This allows you to be safe without compromising on value. Our team are also able to carry out front wheel alignment and four-wheel alignment to cover a wide range of vehicles.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your tyres or wheel alignment, then you should make an appointment with us today. You will know if there is a problem with the car won’t respond as swiftly to steering or you notice that the outside of your tyres wear more quickly.

Having tyres that are poor in quality or have worn down will severely reduce the performance of your car. Worn or underinflated tyres will reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. Additionally, the risk of skidding, CO2 emissions and your stopping distance will increase as a result of poor tyres.

Your wheel alignment should be checked once a year or more if you have had some parts of the front or rear suspension replaced, notice irregular tyre wear, and have new tyres fitted.

Correct wheel alignment ensures that your car drives and handles both safely and comfortably without stressing suspension components or the tyres. It will also reduce your fuel consumption and increase the safety of cornering.

We supply and fit all makes and types of tyres at a competitive price. Tyres not in stock can normally be obtained within 24 hours. Contact our team today to find out a quote for your vehicle or book a service.

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