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Do you have that horrible feeling that the noise that is coming from your engine is not quite right or that the rumbling in your wheels is unsafe?

Whether you are sure that there is a fault with your car or not, it is always best to stop second guessing yourself and make an appointment with us today. We can do an inspection of your car and give you the peace of mind that it is okay or that we are able to fix it for you at an affordable price.

Our team of specialists are able to carry out repairs to all makes of cars, vans and light commercials. From a service to a full engine rebuild and any job can be carried out in our modern workshop. If you want to find out more details in regards to your car and the timescale that we can complete services and repairs, please call us at [phone number].

Whether it is a seasonal, emissions, electrics, air-conditioning, full service or any repair it is always best to know that your vehicle is maintained to a healthy standard.

Note: if any issues are reported on your vehicle when the garage has completed an inspection, no additional work will be started without your prior authorisation.

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